Stencil and Mask making – the human form

from victory road

There are some great stencils and masks of the human form available on the market, and I enjoy opportunities to use them.  But even more, I enjoy using materials that are unique to me.  Today I will share with you my process of using magazine images to create masks and stencils to use in your art journal or scrapbook. 

The first step is to select magazine pages which have a clear silhouette image.

2pages 1mag

Cut them out, simplifying hairlines and clothing.  I choose not to include much hair, because I prefer the simplicity and the flexibility of not having it.  You can always paint on a hairdo later if you so choose.



Once the images have been cut out, center each on a laminating page and laminate.  Then use a craft knife to cut the image out, being sure to preserve a nice edge on both the inner figure…

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