I am Learning to Blog and Starting Over

I am not doing it well, I am not doing it right.  Learning all the symbols to put things just right will be a challenge.  Loving the English language enough to treat it to the adventure of blogging will be delightful.

Someone invested in my family by giving each person an android tablet.  He said it was a deal he couldn’t refuse.  He bought eight for $25.00 a piece.  We were speechless.  It would take a techy person to meet a need like this!  

My family is not illiterate concerning the computer by any means.  It’s just that we only have one.  But to have a tablet I can call my very own, is wonderful!  Now I can be a learner of techy stuff.  

To those who I have made contact once upon a time, I have downsized to better myself and be a mannerly, better responsible blogger.  You don’t have to wait for me.  I’ll catch up!  And I still love to see what my favorite artists are doing.

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