My daughter is getting married.

I have mixed emotions.  She very techy, can preserve food, run a household, a cook, a very good cleaner, was offered a UPS job, taught home education high school subjects for me, à piano technician, has two bachelor of science degrees from bible college.  Can paint the inside of a house, do business paperwork for taxes, worked in our home business; The Auto Haven.  Think she is ready for marriage?  She is 35.  And I have always told my young adults, learn as many skills as possible and if your job lays you off, look at it as a project finished.  Not as a career.  I wish I could keep her.  What a help she has been to the family!

She is going to make soap today as one of my sons is allergic to Irish Spring.  She knows her Essential oils because she never made enough money for Obamacare.  She was forced to study alternative medicine to keep healthy.  I wish young people would stop playing games and study.  Àpprentice opportunities to their maximum advantage.  Stop marching for their rights and start making their rights. 

Her husband has worked very hard at his skill of being an electrician.  He was apprenticed so he doesn’t have the huge college debt.  They are looking at a house; as he has saved enough to buy perhaps one debt-free.  His boss is very good to him and his feeling is mutual.  He is 33.  They have never dated nor had a date, nor kissed.  They will be saving their first kiss for the altar.  As I have said they both kept themselves very busy in preparation of their marriage and marriage in general. As a parent I am able to let go, no controls.  This is what I have prepared her for her whole life.  Both of us give our blessing.  God has met with her and has given her the desires of her heart!  I am humbled that this is the path she wants.

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