About Haven of Inspiration

 I am a middle-age woman who loves design; focusing on the arts and crafts.  

I know my God in the spirit of Jesus loves me and has shown this love to me.    In this I want to show my generation that my God is not the big bad awful mean thing to be feared.  I love the book he has revealed Himself through.

These questions I leave with you:  Where do you go for answers to problems that are too big for you?  How do you handle your pain?  I have found working with my hands so theraputic; the practice may not be beautiful at first.  But one keeps trying.  Work doing the same again until your hands are in syinc with your brain.  Blessed are those who were fortunate enough to be exposed to these experiences.   

My blog will hopefully point to the  spiritual as giving life,  light,  and love.   Man is shown to be made of three parts;  the  body (the flesh),  soul (mind, will, emotions) ,  and spirit (where God resides) once you reckon him to be true.

My quest is to love wisdom and to help people as my God has helped me.   I want to be mighty and lovely in spirit.   May I make decisions based on the side of wisdom promoting life; choosing light as shown to me from His word; and the love displayed by action shown through giving.  

This is my very first attempt at a blog.  I want, first of all, to share my journey as a beginner in the arts and crafts.


The picture above is by one of my married daughters.  I don’t know about you, but I get homesick for her.  This is one of her homemade cards she sent.  She was so sweet to do this.  Marriage does something to a family who works together, learns together,  and lives life together!  You might have guessed I am an home educator.  My daughter indeed went with all her heart.  Even when you are ready to let your young adults fly,  I still ache in my heart for her.

So far I have only collected all the names of my favorite artist’s blogs and put them on my blog.  I can then follow their enchanting discoveries, therapies, passions and, just getting to know them better at the click of my bookmark button!  I am so excited as they are also reaching out to me, but I have yet to give back to them as they know so much and I so little.  It’s a little intimidating, but it’s a one step at a time thing, even if it’s a baby step in  their direction!  So thank you fellow artists and crafts people for sharing your wonderful lives with me and making everyone’s world so beautiful!

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