I am having troubles with my tablet

I don’t want to seem like a liar but trying to learn to blog is a trying thing.  To those who do it everyday I so applaud you!  I have been looking at your work of art, it’s so beautiful.  

I am going through Julia Cameron’s book The Artist Way.  I am determined to do the assignments.  I have three done and what an eye-opener.  I’ve moved gears I didn’t know I had!  

Our community has a market called the Kraft House, where the inside is laid out in booth form; like a year round flea market.  One of the rules is the renter must keep their booth always full.  A scary notion.  But a great place for those artist dates.  Walking inside the building is wonderful. Walking outside in January, not a good idea.  I’ll stay in with our cat.  She’s art!!!  

I get easily distracted, whoever invented Pinterest ought to be shot.  I may never get to that point of doing or having work that I can call my own.  I admit I need to be more focused, but the addiction is real!  Something that I really need to deal with if I am to better myself.

But I had to come back and just say something from blogger’s point of view.  I am here.  I am not lost.  Though I am so trying everything–at once.  I am still here.  


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